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        Baosteel SHARES produced the first titanium plate

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        Following the advent of stainless steel plates, low magnetic steel plates, dual-phase steel plates, and nickel-based alloy plates, the first titanium plate was produced by the special steel division of Baosteel shares a few days ago. The successful rolling of the titanium plate marks a historic step in the development of the variety of steel alloy strip line of Baosteel, laying a solid foundation for the development of this new product.

        Titanium plate is a cutting-edge product in the alloy plate belt. It has low density, high specific strength, and excellent corrosion resistance. It is widely used in petrochemical, seawater desalination, aerospace, architecture, and marine ships. In order to successfully roll the first titanium plate, the technical staff of the plate and strip office of the Special Steel Industry Department began to carry out dozens of technical exchanges and plans with the hot rolling plant in July last year, and carried out a series of preparations such as ingot smelting, and formulated a scientific trial rolling plan. Finally guaranteed the success of the trial rolling.
        It is reported that at present, the production line of alloy plate is gradually stable, and the rolling capacity of hot rolling plate production line is steadily improved. Last year, the alloy plate production line accumulated more than 12,000 tons of contracts throughout the year and achieved sales of 9,517 tons; The development of low magnetic steel, saw strip steel, wear steel, double phase stainless steel, martensite stainless steel 4J36 and other varieties was completed.
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