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        Titanium extraction technology to solve the world problem

        [ 信息發布:本站 | 發布時間:2019-08-23 | 瀏覽:1715 ]


        The reporter learned on February 2 that the titanium expansion and transformation project for climbing steel has been successfully tested for 2 months. This reconstruction project broke through the global technical ban on the recovery of coarse-grained and ultra-fine-grained ilmenite, and increased the recovery rate of titanium concentrate from 20 % to 37.2 % under the premise that the amount of raw ore and the properties of the same ore remained unchanged. After the expansion and transformation, the climbing steel will increase the output of titanium concentrate by 120,000 tons each year. This also means that Pansteel realizes the full process recovery of titanium resources. (Zhou Jun reporter Zhang Chun)
        Selling 60,000 bottles of famous wine on the first day of the festival
        As the most important "festival" of the 14th Sichuan New Year Goods Shopping Festival, the "China Famous Wine Festival" opened on February 2 and attracted many buyers. According to the statistics of the shopping festival organizing committee, 60,000 bottles of famous wine were bought on the opening day.
        With the shopping festival platform, hundreds of famous wine companies have launched hundreds of new products. Dozens of famous wine brands from Italy's Abruzzo, Australia's Paulis, and Bordeaux, France, have also jointly launched the "International Wine Festival." The French "Rafi" wine, worth 380,000 yuan and produced in 1860, also made its debut.
        This year, the province's "direct access" to foreign trade
        The provincial entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau will extend the "direct release" scope to the province this year. This is the reporter recently learned from the Sichuan inspection and quarantine working meeting.
        Last year, the Provincial Bureau of Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine granted "direct access" special treatment to enterprises that exported hundreds of millions of U.S. dollars and had the potential of hundreds of millions of U.S. dollars to the province. That is, enterprises can apply for customs passes and pass customs clearance at any port in the Chengdu Customs Pass Area. Exemption from port inspection. This year, the scope of green channels for export enterprises will be further expanded.