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        Summary of the 2009 Ti Industry Situation Analysis Meeting

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        After experiencing the impact of the financial crisis, the Chinese economy has clearly stabilized and recovered, and China's titanium industry demand has gradually improved. In order to thoroughly summarize the overall production and operation situation of China's titanium industry in 2009, we will discuss the demand trend of China's titanium industry in 2010. In order to discuss and improve the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" development plan of the Chinese titanium industry and understand the new applications of titanium to promote the health and sustainable development of the titanium industry in China, the Titanium Zirconium Branch of the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association was held in December 2009. On the 13th and 14th in Beijing, the 2009 titanium industry situation analysis meeting was held.

        The leaders attending the conference include: President Kangyi of the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, Deputy Director Xiaochunquan of the Economic Operation Monitoring and Coordination Bureau of the Ministry of Industry and Informatization, Director Yutao, Academician Caochunxiao of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Deputy Secretary-General of the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, and Chairman of the Chinese Medical Devices Plant Panel, etc.. More than 100 representatives of the Chinese titanium industry attended the conference.
        The analysis meeting was chaired by Wangxiangdong, Lei Ranji, Zhouxinzhe, Chen Zhiqiang, and Lufusheng.
        President Kangyi of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association addressed the meeting. In his speech, he reviewed the development of the titanium industry in China. In particular, he reviewed the rapid development of the titanium industry in China in recent years and the persistence and struggle in the financial crisis. He fully affirmed the technological progress of the titanium industry in China and the Chinese titanium industry. Workers 'sense of responsibility and enterprise, President Kangyi also proposed four major tasks for Chinese titanium industry workers in conjunction with the spirit of the Central Economic and Industrial Conference:
        1) To adjust the industrial structure and change the development mode, we must actively upgrade the industrial structure and produce more high-tech products with high added value and which the country urgently needs. To this end, we must establish research and development subjects that are mainly enterprises and combine production, research and research.
        2, we must vigorously enhance the ability of independent innovation;
        3, improve the concentration of the industry, the reorganization and integration of enterprises;
        We will vigorously promote energy conservation and emission reduction and develop a low-carbon economy.
        Academician Caochunxiao also made a speech at the opening ceremony. He believes that the Chinese titanium industry has begun to stabilize and rebound. The development of China's national economy, especially the development of the aviation industry, is increasing the demand for titanium materials. He is happy that the Chinese titanium industry is gradually coming out of the trough.
        The conference reported nine papers, namely:
        1, 2009 China's Economic Situation-Xiaochunquan
        National Import and Export Policy for Titanium and Rare Metals-Wangqinhua
        China's Non-ferrous Metals Industry Policy in the Context of Financial Crisis-Zhaowuzhuang
        Current Situation and Trend of Titanium for Medical Use in the World-Yaozhixiu
        Study on Thinking, Objectives, Key Points and Countermeasures for the Development and Structural Adjustment of the Titanium Industry in the Twelfth Five-Year Plan-Wangxiangdong
        6, the management situation and development trend of titanium-Lei Ranqi
        7, balanced development in competition and cooperation, and jointly promote the progress of China's titanium industry-Chen Zhiqiang
        Investment Status and Technical Level Analysis of Chinese Sponge Titanium-Yanshouyi
        9, the development of Chinese titanium standard-Huangyongguang
        The report of the conference discusses the overall situation of the Chinese economy in 2009 from various perspectives, the overall situation and development trend of the titanium industry in China, and the industrial policy of the titanium industry in China and the preliminary development plan of the Twelfth Five-Year Plan. It was warmly welcomed and unanimously recognized by the participants.
        During the discussion, the following consensus emerged:
        1, despite the severe impact of the financial crisis, but active fiscal policy and expansion in the country
        Driven by the policy of large domestic demand, the demand for titanium in the Chinese national economy has not dropped significantly; In particular, titanium use in aviation, electricity, and medical care has continued to grow steadily; Since the second half of the year, titanium used in chemical industries has also gradually resumed its growth.
        Although China's titanium industry has gradually recovered since the second half of 2009, the demand
        Growth has been limited, especially since the recovery in prices will lag, with the titanium industry expecting a gradual recovery in growth in 2010.
        Conference participants affirmed the draft plan for the 12th Five-Year Plan for the Titanium Industry in China drafted by the sub-secretariat.